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  • Access Control Chips


    Our ID cards can have an access control chip built into them…

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  • Magnetic Strips


    A type of card capable of storing data by modifying the magnetism…

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  • Managed Account or DIY

    When you register:No char
    Service Managed account recommended for clients requiring more than two cards per year and less than two thousand DIY account recommended for clients requiring one or two cards or fun cards
    Annual service fee not available not available
    Free designs not available not available
    Online card verification for security available not available
    Support available not available
    Expiry notification available not available
    Priority posting available not available
    Multi-packing available not available



    Service Managed account
    Unlimited free Designs & Templates
    DIY account
    Set Up None None
    Single sided full-colour printing £2.05 £2.05 inc delivery
    Double sided full-colour printing £2.35 £N/A
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    Card Pricing (Managed Account Only)

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    1-100 Cards per year per card 101-200 Cards per year per card 201-300 Cards per year per card 300+ Cards per year per card
    icon_singleStandard Card
    Full color single sided £2.05 £1.74 £1.70 £1.65
    Full color double sided £2.35 £2.00 £1.95 £1.89
    icon_magneticWith magnetic strip
    Full color single sided £2.13 £1.91 £1.85 £1.80
    Full color double sided £2.42 £2.17 £2.11 £2.04
    icon_swithchipWith chip (Please note blank cards supplied by you)
    Full color single sided £1.95 £1.74 £1.70 £1.65
    Full color double sided £2.24 £2.00 £1.95 £1.89
    icon_lanyardLanyards & Holder
    £2.00 N/A N/A N/A

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